Having completed a degree in Biblical Studies, I thought I might have something to say regarding the Church, theology, and Christianity. This section of my site is an outlet for that purpose. It also allows me to comment on current events or things I’ve been reading. I typically post with the following goals in mind:

  • Provide an opportunity to continue improving my writing ability
  • Practice communicating often complex theological ideas into a manner that is more easily understood.
  • Create an atmosphere for Christian dialogue

Comments are always warmly accepted, though you can also contact me directly if you have a specific question, concern, or dissent. The most recent posts are listed below, though if you’re feeling particularly curious I also have a complete post archive available.


Hi, my name is Scott and I design websites. You can see some of them by visiting my portfolio. When I have the time (which is seldom these days) I like to blog about Christianity, especially theology/ethics. If you want to know more you can read my about page or follow me on Twitter.


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Photo: Moab, Utah (with San Jaun Mountains in bg), by Scott
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