The New Reproductive Technologies: Defying God’s Dominion? - Maura Anne Ryan

March 8th, 2007 / 0 Comments

I have my suspicions that the topic of reproductive technology is one that many couples don’t discuss until they become aware of their own possibility of infertility. Moreover, the placement of fertility clinics under the category of "health care" mixed with the contraceptive tradition’s emphasis on reproduction as something to "control" only confound our ability to think critically about reproduction. Most importantly, I believe the Church has in many ways failed to adequately prepare a Christian understanding and response to the issue(s). Following in the tradition of the pioneer of Christian medical ethics, Paul Ramsey, Maura Ryan, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Notre Dame, presents three arguments against "Playing God" with the possibilities available through reproductive technology.

Article: "The New Reproductive Technologies: Defying God’s Dominion?"


  1. To what extent have you discussed reproductive technologies with your spouse?
  2. Do you know any couples experiencing infertility?
  3. In your experience, has the Church constructed a method for a Christian understanding of reproductive technologies?
  4. How do you perceive the relationship between reproductive technologies and contraception?

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