World Vision in Beruit

July 24th, 2006 / 0 Comments

I happened across the photograph below last week on the Washington Post website. The picture shows a family crossing a river in Lebanon after the bridge had been destroyed. If you look closely you’ll notice the bag the woman is carrying has the logo for World Vision. Curious about the type of work World Vision might be doing in Lebanon, I had intended to send the organization an email. However, it appears that they have already answered my question:

Since spiraling violence began more than a week ago in Lebanon and Israel, World Vision’s staff in Lebanon have assisted more than 5,000 weary, terrified individuals fleeing for their lives. Many of the displaced are women and children who lack medication and food supplies.

A seven-member World Vision team, including local volunteers, is now set up to coordinate relief efforts in another Beirut project area, which is closest to the southern suburbs of the capital.

I support World Vision from time to time though I was quite unaware that they were capable of providing such a speedy and proactive response. As diplomats talk of peace, while affirming Israels ‘right’ to defend herself; I’m thankful that there are members of the church practicing peace to the people in Lebanon.

Read more about the work World Vision is doing in Lebanon.
(UPDATE: 7-18-06), (UPDATE: 7-21-06)

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