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September 3rd, 2005 / 3 Comments

mewithoutYou mewithoutYou has kicked me square in the face with their latest record. What impresses me the most about their music is how they are able to integrate so many of my favorite elements of rock music; such as rapid downstroked palm-muting, driving punk rock drums, half-time break-outs, and melodic riffs, in a way that sounds completely unique from any other group I have ever listened to. On top of that, the album features that rare type of production that finds the perfect balance between poor quality indie-rock and over-compressed mainstream recordings. I anticipate that this album will be a favorite among my music collection for many years to come.

UPDATE: It’s true, as of April 2007, I still LOVE this album!

Comments (3)

  1. Peter / October 4, 2005 /

    Kudos. Too bad they’re on tour with Coheed & whatever their name is. Drives ticket prices up.

    The cd rules. You are right.

  2. Scott Lenger / October 4, 2005 /

    Coheed & Cambria are kinda strange. I’ve never been able to decide if I like them or not (which probably means I don’t). I believe they were headlining for the Piebald/Hopesfall show.

    So their vocalist is a big fuzzy haired guy who tries to sound like Rush but comes off sounding like Debbie Gibson - which is silly.

  3. zgunz / February 20, 2007 /

    what’s interesting about coheed and cambria is that all of their songs played in a row lay out an intricate storyline. and although lots of people make comparisons between coheed and rush, they really don’t sound alike at all once you give both bands a good listen

    but let’s not get off topic, mewithoutYou’s style is one that could never be reproduced in a million years, but certainly will be one that influences a generation of future musicians.

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