Christian Wallumrod Ensemble

October 22nd, 2005 / 6 Comments

 A Year From Easter is the jazz answer to the wave of N. European ambient pop bands that have stormed the college music scene like Norse warriors (ie Sigur Ros, Mogwai, The Album Leaf, ect.). Hailing from the well known and respected jazz label, ECM, this Norwegian group comprised of piano, horn, strings, and percussion brings to mind a raspy Miles Davis ballad played with really cold fingers…or maybe George Winston’s December without the “hallmark greeting card” feel. Either way, I found this album very intriguing and figured it deserved a recommendation.

If you’d like a free sample, there are several mp3’s available from some dude on blogger.

Comments (6)

  1. Peter / November 7, 2005 /

    Why is the “some dude on blogger” link disabled? I want to check out their stuff.

    Speaking of Scott-commendations, I’m listening to Karate at the moment. Sweet.

    Also, thank you for your input on Christian Pacifism. It’s good to be kept honest.

    Also also, is there an easy way to get back to your main blog page? After I leave a comment I click on “Home” and then “Blog?”. Two clicks? I don’t have time for that kind of crap!

  2. Scott Lenger / November 7, 2005 /

    links disabled?, two clicks to get back? Dude you’re making me look bad!

    Honestly, I’ve commented using three different browsers and they all bring me back to the blog page IMMEDIATELY. I dunno why it’s giving you grief, but I feel your pain.

    Regarding the ’some dude on blogger’ it should take you to a website, the links are no longer there as the owner takes them down after a couple days. (supposedly he believes this makes it ‘more’ legal) (sneer)

    Karate is definitely rad, although nothing else I have heard from them lives up to the album you have, Unsolved.

    If you would like to hear the album in this post I can probably work out a way to send you the files.

  3. Taxi Driver / November 7, 2005 /

    Some dude or dudette…! It doesn’t make it more legal to have ‘em up for a short time. But this isn’t about greed either. i’m just putting up samples of music that I think is intresting and personally subscribe to A LOT of blogs just to get the chance to discover new music. If you think the music on my blog is intresting or if you see an article that gives an intresting description of the music then” there are always some ways to go and check it out (go to the record store or or the artist homepage or whatever), BUT my point is this don’t be frustrated just becase you missed out on one post, you shoukd just “follow” or subscribe to the blogs you think are intresting and as I say on my blog:

    “Listen to music, go to concerts, enjoy life. All MP3’s are up for a limited time and are for sampling purposes only. Music posted here is posted out of love, not with the intention for profit or to violate copyright. If you are the creator (or copyright owner) of a song, excerpt, essay, graphic or photo posted on this blog, please contact me if you want to comment on the selection or wish to have it removed. Please don’t direct link to a track. Delete all tracks after 24 hours. Come early, come often.”

  4. Scott Lenger / November 7, 2005 /

    Hi Taxi Driver, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I stumbled onto your site via a google search for ‘Brad Mehldau’ my favorite jazz artist next to the newer work by Dave Holland.

    I would definitely agree with you that your posts are intended for educational purposes. And thanks to your site I became exposed to this AWESOME group call the Christian Wallumrod Ensemble. I’m hoping wifey might get their CD for me for Christmas! *hint.

    I would also be surprised if the artists had a problem with you promoting their music…unless they have a drummer named Lars Ulrich.

    On the other hand, ‘other people’ involved in the recording (publishers, engineers, manageament, and executives) probably do have a problem with folks posting ‘their’ content without expressed permission. It is definitely against current copyright law to do so.

    Ironically, it’s not illegal to blast certain songs to millions of people over the radiowaves. In fact, many record companies pay for this ’service’ as a means of artist promotion. Perhaps you should ask the record companies if they would like to pay you for promoting their artists :)

    Anyway, I’m thankful for your courage in posting this music and look forward to other artists you discover.

    I’m also curious as to how you heard about the
    Christian Wallumrod Ensemble

  5. Peter / November 8, 2005 /

    Scott, so you know, I’ve got the return-to-blog-after-commenting thing figured out. I didn’t realize the click was in the flyout menu over the “About” at the top of the page.

    I might have to check out the blog of the fella above. I am, however, already stretched internet-thin and need to continue to accomplish my work. (Turns out they expect results for the salary they pay, sheesh.)

  6. Taxi Driver / December 7, 2005 /

    Yeah .. The buisness side of things is always fuel by motives that has usually little or nothing to do with creating or enjoying music.

    I thought I had written about how I discovered Christian Wallumrod Ensemble in the post. anywho… A friend of mine send me a song with them .. and I got instantly hooked!


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