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Plans album cover Death Cab for Cutie presents another extraordinary album to add to their shimmering repertoire. If your reading this by now you most likely know this. You are probably also aware that this is their first recording to be released on a major label.

What I feel is worth mentioning, and responding to, are the majority of reviewers can’t get over comparing and contrasting the implications of DCFC’s new record label deal; as if by signing with a record label results in you now taking directions from a ‘recording exec’ smoking a cigar and sporting a plaid jacket. Suffice it to say that the preponderance of reviewers who berate the record for its polished over produced qualities make me want to tear my t-shirt and yell "raka!!" As with all previous projects by Death Cab for Cutie, this album was recorded and produced by band member Chris Walla. Perhaps all along they wanted their music to sound as good as possible to their listeners except that they previously lacked the financial and technical resources. And if you still can’t get over the ‘problem’ of a well produced album, all you need to do is buy a new stereo of poorer quality than the one you currently own.

Personally, I think the new album is rad and should be bought. For the few who haven’t heard it yet, it is darker, less poppy, and in some ways simpler than previous work but carries with it the familiar hooks for which DCFC are known.

Like all DCFC albums, the artwork is pretty swell too.

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