I’ve been writing and performing music since the beginning of high school, beginning with a classical guitar I found hiding in my parents basement. Along the way I took a particular interest in drumming.

My modest assortment of instruments

  • A Fender American Standard Strat (left-handed)
  • A Yamah D-Series Acoustic with pickup (also conveniently left-handed)
  • and a “not quite as beautiful as my wife - but pretty close” Slingerland drum kit

 In the fall of 2003 my good friend Michael Armstrong Flack helped me record my first solo instrumental album, “What Are You Thinking Right Now?” The album was recording using panned AKG C3000 and Audix f15 Condenser mic’s through a Motu 828 Firewire Converter mixed using Cubase.

You can download some tracks at my purevolume account.

I’m responsible for all of the design, layout, and packaging.

Track listing:

  1. A Hardcore Anthem
  2. Cold..Cold..Night
  3. Godzilla vs. the Transducer
  4. Le Moulin (Yann Tiersen cover)
  5. december 27, 1990 (Appleseed Cast cover)
  6. (a year without…)
  7. The Road to Dushanbe
  8. Ohio (Over the Rhine cover)
  9. O Come O Come Emmanuel

I could list some of my musical influences, but that’s what is for.

Nihilism is the result of having so many compact discs… that, no matter which ones we choose, we are dissatisfied because we cannot be sure we have chosen what we really wanted.

Stanley Hauerwas


Hi, my name is Scott and I design websites. You can see some of them by visiting my portfolio. When I have the time (which is seldom these days) I like to blog about Christianity, especially theology/ethics. If you want to know more you can read my about page or follow me on Twitter.


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Photo: My beautiful three-tone sunburst Fender Stratocaster, by Me
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