Duke Law and Technology Review iBlawg featured on Accessites.org

September 26th, 2006 / 0 Comments

Accessites.org is a gallery of websites that promote accessibility standards. Because I had spent quite a while double checking all of their requirements, I was fairly certain that my submission would qualify. The question, however, is how well would it score. The results are in and while I passed, I was hoping for a slightly higher score. It was only after reviewing the scoresheet, did I realize that around 75% of the sites submitted had been rejected. This automatically places me in the top 25% of sites they have reviewed. Factoring in my score amongst the qualified entries and I’d argue that it’s fair to include me in the top 20% of submitted sites. Not too shabby! The task was even more worthwhile as it has helped me discover further ways that I can improve the accessibility of my code.

The review of the Duke Law and Technology Review iBlawg (yes, “iblawg” is an incredibly stupid name) and the score sheet can be found at http://accessites.org/

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