Behold!! The Firefox Web Browser

November 30th, 2005 / 1 Comment

Perhaps the greatest achievement humankind has witnessed since the beginning of Mesa Boogie Guitar Amplification. The firefox browser makes web surfing faster, more secure, and more accessible. Here are several reasons to make the switch:

» Support of Web Standards: (This could become a really long explanation about which most of you would not be concerned). Suffice it to say that in the field of web design, sites are built and tested in firefox and then chopped and hacked to meet the sloppy, crude handling of IE.

» Tabbed Browsing: The ability to contain your browsing windows within the web browser. The freedom to have several pages open without filling up your windows taskbar

» It’s rocket fast: Okay, maybe not quite as fast as a rocket, but probably as fast as one of those pool toypedo’s.

» Expandability: Add up to the minute weather reports, RSS feeds, manage your bookmarks, view digital camera EXIF data, clean up pages before printing, and quicklinks to google maps from any website address.

» Security: Benefit from frequent automated updates and avoid the security prone browser of the masses, which by the way was last revamped back in 2001.

» Get Even: with Bill Gates for all of your MS Office system crashes.

If you want to make the jump, or even take it for a test drive, you may download Firefox 1.5 [2.0] here.

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